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We never knew much about our Knowlton ancestors.   Dale Knowlton (born Dippert) was adopted into the Knowlton family.  His birth mother died during childbirth, and his birth father died of spinal menigitis two months before Dale's birth. 

The Dipperts had four or five children, each of whom was adopted by a separate family.  One of Dale's uncles, Louis Dippert, fought in the Spanish-American War.

The Knowltons possibly go as far back as the 13th century in England, though we are working on confirming the connection.  If the connection holds, then the Knowltons arrived in America in the 1630's/1640's and lived in Massachusetts. 

Chauncey Knowlton (b. 1795) was the first Knowlton to move west, ending up in the area of Mercer County, Ohio.  It's possible his descendants are the same Knowltons who moved to Iowa and eventually adopted Dale Dippert.

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